Our Story


Ninety Third Avenue is an elevated swimwear line featuring fresh colorways, cutting-edge, sculpting fabric, corset-inspired styles, and high-rise fits. Each piece is designed with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship, ensuring your suit will last for many seasons to come. The size-inclusive line is available in sizes XS-3XL. Our limited micro drops will ensure no one at the resort will have the same swimsuit as you – offering a nearly exclusive piece.

Beyond the swimwear itself, Ninety Third Avenue is dedicated to small-scale production with limited pieces. Our slow fashion approach focuses on quality over quantity, lowering our carbon emissions in comparison to mass production. We have chosen not to exacerbate the fast fashion industry crisis; instead, we focus on ethical working conditions and sustainable practices within our chosen factories.


Our Founder

Viral TikTok personality and renowned Social Media Powerhouse Jessica Anderson launched her swimwear brand 93 Play Street in 2021, quickly becoming the fastest-growing swimwear brand in the US. She has expanded her swimwear empire into luxury swimwear, launching Ninety Third Avenue. Underwhelmed by the luxury swimwear market, Founder Jessica Anderson, set out to create size-inclusive swimwear that the industry has never seen before. “I found the current luxury swimwear selection to be quite ordinary in terms of design and style, lacking any exceptional added value to justify the elevated price point.” Jessica set out to make a swimwear brand made for real women to accentuate their femininity.